Funny Japan project aims to publicize funny things about Japan to the international audience.
We upload articles and movies and through events discover funny people.


In 2016, the number of foreigners who visit Japan was over 20 million people and it is increasing year by year. If we look into the future, we can expect the Rugby World Cup in 2019, and in 2020, we will have the biggest financial wastage event called the Olympics.


Japan, once known as the Galapagos Island of Asia, will now try to be International.The Japanese government gave our country a new nickname to make it appealing to the people around the world: Cool Japan. Funny enough, the government has decided to give our country this new name inspite of our usual motto:” For Japanese people, being humble is the most important.”


When I traveled abroad, I discovered that foreigners pay attention and make fun of another side of our culture. This side is what we usually try to hide. Examples are the Japanese porno culture, Corporate slave culture and Suicide culture, which are very common in Japan.


In effect, we want to stop hiding our real culture and show what Japan really is to people around the world. We decided to start the “Funny Japan Project”.