Report: English Standup Comedy Show in Asakusa, Tokyo [Vol. 39]

Did you guys know that stand up comedy is currently getting more popular in Japan – although it’s still super niche. In Asakusa, a traditional area of Tokyo, they have an English standup comedy show once a month at Smile Bar.

The most recent one was on September 28. Nine international comedians performed for 6-7 minutes each. The comedians were from the UK, USA, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, NZ and Singapore.

The show was really packed, and the audience included both locals and international travelers. It was also a good chance to make some new friends, as well as watch comedy.

The legendary standup comedian Ken Suzuki told jokes about Japan.

Lie talked about what it’s like dating in Japan – and the difficulties in finding an apartment as a foreigner.

Show found out that some people don’t react well to certain jokes

Tariq entertained everyone with some very sarcastic one-liners.

Hayat made fun of life in Japan from a Singaporean perspective.

Daniel brought up discrimination against foreigners in Japan.

Ryo mainly gave some sharp commentary on China and America.

The headliner, Alex, did a set on sex tourism – from the point of a sexpat!

And the emcee, Meshida, did his best with a strong Japanese accent; But unfortunately the British part of the audience sometimes couldn’t understand him – even though he lived in London.

The next English Standup Comedy Show in Asakusa is on October 27th!
If you are interested in watching Standup Comedy in English here in Tokyo,
please come check it out! Why not get drunk and spend an interesting evening with us creating some unique memories of Japan?

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