The 3 Reasons Why Japanese Are Not Shy!!

”Japanese are shy” Foreign people often say this.But when I hear it, I feel something’s not quite right.We Japanese love going drinking with friends, being crazy at festivals,and smiling and making the peace sign when we take photos.

Even we don’t know why we do it – we do it automatically.If we were shy, we’d never give the peace sign in public.So today, I’ll talk about 3 reasons why Japanese are not shy!!

1. The Word ‘Shy’

I looked up the word ‘shy’ in English, and the Cambridge Dictionary said“Nervous and uncomfortable with other people”Now I finally understand why foreigners all think Japanese are shy.

Because we are not nervous and shy with other Japanese.But we are nervous and uncomfortable with foreigners. Seriously, foreigners regard us as “shy”, but I’m not convinced.I understand our Japanese behavior looks like we are not good around people, but the reason is not only our shyness.

We Japanese usually think of others first and don’t push ourselves forward. Then foreigners misunderstand and think that behavior comes from shyness. So they labeled us as shy folk. For the same reason, we Japanese see Americans as noisy,  Even though they are just assertive.

We always just try to act mature and adult-like. But to foreigners, all our actions seem to stem from shyness. For example, we think the spirit of giving way to each other is very important.

So we think it’s rude to express our opinion too directly in public. And if someone praises our work, we’re never proud, we just reply,“No, I can’t take the credit. Everyone else helped me a lot, so it was a group effort.”

We think acting humbly is the most beautiful thing. And we always try to avoid arguing or expressing conflicting opinions. In our society, sympathizing with others is the most important skill. Some call it peer pressure.

From my Japanese point of view, we just try to act like grown ups, But foreigners think it’s all because we’re shy. I think foreigners, especially white people, seem to think they are the center of the world and 

the standard to compare against, and if they find people who act differently, they think it’s weird.But to us, we are not shy – foreigners are just forward.

In Japan, ‘foreigners’ means ‘Americans’.

2.  Ethnic Consciousness

Japan is an island and immigrants make up just 2%, so 98% of the residents in Japan are Japanese. So Japan is basically a monoracial country. Therefore, Japanese people have a strong ethnic consciousness.

We call foreigners ‘gaijin’. In Japanese, ‘gaijin’ literally means ‘people who come from outside’, and we consider gaijin to be a different species. I know, foreigners seem to perceive Japanese as weird folk. But to be honest, we think of foreigners as life from another planet. They can’t speak our language and don’t know about etiquette.

We can’t understand their behavior. It’s super weird. They hug people upon first meeting them, and they talk loudly in public places, They suddenly talk to strangers, and greet waiters with a “Hi” and a smile. What is so surprising is they never wash their ass after shitting. We can’t understand their behavior at all.

And European have a very strange custom. It’s called holidays. Apparently it’s when you take time off work. In Japan, we only take time off work when we have been fired.

Imagine if you were living in a monoracial village. Suddenly a white alien appeared and complained about your traditions, customs and lifestyle. Then they try to force you to accept an alien’s lifestyle. It’s difficult for us to open our minds to white aliens. Even if we try to explain our thoughts, they would just say it’s weird. As a result, we Japanese make a wall of tatemae for foreigners.

Foreigners who come from abroad think Japanese are shy.But to be honest, we are not shy. We are just introverted, modest, and xenophobic.

3. Language Barrier

The third reason is the language barrier. We can’t speak English and we can’t communicate with foreigners.

As you already know, in Japan, 98% of the residents are Japanese and we have a big domestic market. So we don’t need to speak English to live. As a result, we don’t study English seriously. For us, English is not a language – it’s a subject.

We just study it before we have a test. Then after the test, we forget everything. The same as history.

Some Japanese people try to learn English after graduating. They spend a lot of money and go to language school. But they are so busy and don’t have enough time to go to class. 

Eventually they just go to a language school once a week and attend a 1 hour conversation class. Every lesson is mostly spent reviewing their last class. So they never improve and quit. As a result, they can speak one sentence in perfect English. That is “Sorry, I can’t speak English”.

I want to ask foreigners who stereotype Japanese as shy, If you joined a group of Japanese people in the pub and you couldn’t speak Japanese, What would you do? You definitely wouldn’t say anything, and would just smile weirdly while others are speaking. Like we Japanese normally do.

We are not shy – we just can’t speak English.

10 Funny Facts about the Japanese Yakuza

The yakuza are the most famous mafia in Japan. It’s said that in the Showa period, politicians appeared to be in control, but actually, the yakuza ran things backstage.

Many cool yakuza movies were created and fascinated men.
But recently, the yakuza world is aging rapidly and the police keep a very close eye on them. Now, instead of being dangerous, yakuza have become an endangered species.

So today, I’ll share 10 funny facts about the Japanese yakuza!!

1. Status of Yakuza

In Japan, there are 24 yakuza groups that are designated as yakuza by the police.But the yakuza are not an organized company. Each yakuza is basically self-employed.

Each member of the yakuza can do whatever they want. But they need to pay a fee to their yakuza group. Then they become a recognized member and they can take part in various yakuza businesses.

So yakuza are the same as Japanese salarymen or employees.
More than their personality, what’s important is which company they work for. If you become yakuza, the first thing you learn is not underground business details, It’s how to exchange a business card. 

2. Hierarchy

The yakuza has a strict hierarchy, At the bottom, Parent-dependent yakuza get money from their parents. Around the middle,Women-dependent yakuza get money by making women work. Physical labor yakuza work as day laborers. Near the top,Organization-dependent yakuza work with other yakuza in company jobs. And above these yakuza, there are executives.

Except for physical labor yakuza, all yakuza get money without working.
Yakuza make a living off money that other people earnt.
They are the same as politicians.

3. Yakuza’s right to life

Abroad, for example in Italy and Hong Kong, the mafias are not recognized by law. Their existence is illegal. But in Japan, in 1991, the anti-organized crime law was created, Our law acknowledges the existence of yakuza by imposing a fine and imprisonment.

But in 2010, local governments passed an ordinance saying they do not recognize the existence of yakuza. Now yakuza don’t have any right to make bank accounts and rent houses. They can’t do business at all.
(Our law recognizes the yakuza but local government ordinances don’t recognize the yakuza.)

Nowadays, yakuza claim that it is against Constitution 14 which assures equality under the law.
Even though their job is against the law.

It’s like women who are against abortions except when they need one.

4. 3 types of Yakuza

The police categorize yakuza into 3 types. In Japanese, they are Bakuto, Gurentai and Tekiya. Bakuto getting money from gambling and underground businesses. Gurentai are youth gangs who threaten people
And Tekiya receive money through street stalls.

Tekiya take part in a very traditional yakuza business – street stalls at festivals. So the Japanese festivals that are organized by shrines and temples are traditional yakuza parties.

Nowadays they are stricter regarding tekiya, so there are less yakuza stalls
But some are still organized by the yakuza. Most enjoyable festivals are organised by yakuza. Tekiya usually sell okonomiyaki or food based on flour, As it’s cheap and they can make more profit. Not only in underground businesses but also at festivals, They are selling powder.

5. Yakuza and Physical Labor

It’s known that some yakuza group leaders were fishermen. So one of the yakuza’s incomes is poaching. Before, yakuza looked down on physical jobs.
But nowadays a lot of local yakuza poach fish and other seafood.
Instead of underground business, they are doing business under the sea.

It’s said if Japanese salarymen or office workers are white collar workers,
yakuza are black collar workers. But now some Japanese yakuza have become genuine blue collar workers.
Sea blue. Or should I say, aquamarine.

6. Yakuza and Start Ups

Yakuza start businesses if they think they can earn money in that industry.
Currently in Japan, among young Japanese girls bubble tea is very popular.
And some yakuza opened bubble tea shops because the cost of sales is low and the profits are high.

Before, the yakuza got women dependent on drugs and made them work in brothels to pay for it.
Now, the yakuza make high school girls dependent on bubble tea and just take cash.

7. Yakuza and Valentine’s

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is the day that girls give chocolate to their favorite boys. Several years ago, Valentine’s chocolate became very expensive as raw material prices rose, so then some yakuza bought up cacao beans.
They mix it with foreign expired cacao and sell it. Then they earn a lot of money. In Japan, this is called crime, but in China it’s called business.

8. Yakuza and career

In the yakuza world, the university graduate rate is 7%. You guys may think those 7% are elite yakuza. But in their world, the university graduates can’t move up the career ladder.For yakuza, the most important thing is how long they spent in prison. The more time they spend in prison, the more chance they have of being promoted.
For the yakuza, prison is their Harvard.

Yakuza call spending time in prison their duty. It’s one of their most important jobs. It’s said before they go to prison, they try to get more irezumi, or traditional Japanese tattoos.
If they have a big tattoo, they are given good treatment.

But nowadays, the yakuza are becoming poor – especially yakuza at the bottom are suffering from serious poverty. So they call prison their social welfare. Instead of Harvard, it’s actually their safety net.

9, Yakuza and Sumo

In the sumo world, the yakuza often organized big gambling events at shrines and sumo matches were held as entertainment. It’s like if a boxing match were organized inside a casino in Las Vegas.

And some sumo wrestlers had yakuza tattoos.But when our national sport was being decided, they thought sumo must be sacred because it was held in a shrine. Then sumo became our national sport.Now we’re going to open the first ever casino in Japan. Maybe our national sport will change.

10. Yakuza and Social Contributions

Yakuza also earn money by dispatching workers and yakuza themselves also go work. Usually they dispatch workers to unpopular workplaces. For example, it’s said many yakuza work in nuclear power plants.

And when the Fukushima nuclear plant exploded, some employees remained on-site and tried to repair it. We call them the Fukshima 50.
And there are rumors that there are 3 yakuza in the Fukushima 50.
So you could call them the Fukushima 47 and 3 yakuza.

The Japanese yakuza group Yamaguchi-gumi take part in volunteer work after a national disaster. After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake, They sent relief supplies and volunteered at the soup kitchen. They said “We want to be helpful to people” and worked so hard. Of course, the same as celebrities, they expensed it as an advertising fee.

And the biggest yakuza group, Yamagushi-gumi, try to blend into the local community.They hold a halloween party and give snacks to kids.
The reason why they started holding Halloween events was because foreign kids who lived in the neighborhood and knew nothing about the yakuza, visited their office on Halloween and threatened them for candy.

They’re less xenophonic than the Japanese government.

Japanese Millenials Don’t Have Sex: 5 Reasons Why!!

The western media often reports on and complains about Japan’s sexless problem. For example, that the Japanese millennial generation are not interested in having sex.

More than 40% of Japanese married couple don’t have sex. The western media seems to believe that sex is an amazing thing. But for us, for Japanese millennials, sex is old-fashoned. It’s like a steam locomotive, which uses extra energy and low benefit-cost ratio. We Japanese prefer maglev trains. We don’t want to waste energy.

I think western people should accept our Japanese values of not having sex.
Western people often say, why don’t Japanese people have sex? It’s weird. But for us, we can’t believe that Western people still have sex. It’s outdated.

So today I’ll talk about why Japanese milleniums don’t have sex.

1.  Advanced technologies
2.  Various sexual satisfaction
3   Busy
4   Low cost-benefit ratio
5.  Be a real family

1.  Advanced technologies

Nowadays we can satisfy our sexual desires and loneliness using technology. We Japanese are more advanced than any other country in using technology for sexual things. Among men, VR sex and erotic live chat are getting popular. Also we have amazing adult goods, like Tenga. 

It’s said it’s better than the real one. If we have VR and Tenga, we don’t need to say “Sorry” anymore. Regardless of gender, virtual romance games are getting popular. Without having real relationships, we can enjoy virtual romance. 

For women, real sex is like pro wrestling. Following the script, they are moved to various positions. Although they don’t feel anything, they have to pretend. And even though it’s fake, it can still be painful. But in a virtual romance, they control the script. Sex is not tech-savvy.

2.  Various sexual satisfaction

Usually sex’s goal is, through insertion, to get people to come. But in Japan there are many ways to come other than insertion or sex. For example, play adult computer games, live chat with women and just soine or co-sleeping. 

Recently, soine is getting popular and some stores provide a soine service to both men and women. And also instead of the word sefure or sex friend, sofure or soine friend is famous.

Through just co-sleeping, we can satisfy our sexual desires.Abroad, it’s called foreplay. Zen teaches us to let go our of worldly desires. If you can master a Zen mind, you can understand our Japanese feelings.

And some men buy used panties or join costume photo sessions. After the event, they use them to enjoy themselves. It’s the same as Japanese traditional meals. Instead of a main dish, we can enjoy many kinds of side dishes.

3   Busy

Japanese companies are known for long, inefficient work hours. And young people are taken advantage of by middle-aged arrogant bosses who don’t work much.

Nowadays women also work hard. They are busy and don’t have the time and energy for romance. And they also think they shouldn’t waste energy on relationships. For Japanese workers, sex is something to do for people who have nothing to do. For example, some countries where many people don’t have jobs, such as Greece.

And according to a survey, it’s been shown that for men in their early 30s, 40% of salaried employees are unmarried, while 70% of temporary employees are unmarried. On the other hand, women in their early 30s have the opposite results. Salaried women are more often unmarried than temporary employees.

I think male non-permanent workers should try to master home-making skills, like female temporary employees do. Then maybe they could find a permanent position with a woman.
Recently I go to a cooking class.

4   Low cost-benefit ratio

A relationship means having to understand your partner who has different values and thoughts. You have to worry about your partner. 

Many people think, even though they always pay attention to others while working, after work, in their private time, they don’t want to worry about their partner.

Especially during sex, men worry about if they can do it well or last long enough. And women also worry about how to act. They are both tired of it.
Nowadays there are a lot of ways to satisfy our sexual desires, so why do we have to struggle to have sex.

Finally, we Japanese realized that to relationships and sex both have a low benefit-cost ratio. They are more work than it’s worth. At work we spend a lot of our time being inefficient, so at home we don’t want to waste time.

So you could say that the time and energy that Western people spend on sex is inefficient, the same as a Japanese company.

5.  Be a real family

When Japanese couples get married and become a family, unlike western couples, we become real partners. Some of my friends who got married said, when they have sex with their partner, they feel like they’re having sex with a relative. For some people who love incest porn, it’s ok, but most people feel weird. 

In other words, Japanese married couple’s sexless problem actually seems to be the goal of mature love. They finally become a real family. So western couples who continue having sex after getting married are immature.

They don’t know real love.

But of course, sexlessness is a problem for our country. In maybe 50 years, Japanese will be regarded as an endangered species. In 2019, Japan’s birth rate was the worst since they started recording in 1899. If we try to increase our population, all women need to give birth to at least 2 kids.

It’s an impossible mission, the same as the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.

The famous infertility doctor, Dr Yoshimura said, Some married couples come to hospital and they see the doctor They want to make a baby but they can’t. Why not? It turns out they don’t have sex.

To improve the birth rate, first we should reform our sex education.

The Truth About Japanese Porn Actresses

Nowadays Japanese porn is very popular all over the world. The renowned adult site, Pornhub, reported that the most searched word in the site is Japanese. Finally Japanese became its own type of porn.

Now, more men in the world are dreaming of riding a Japanese porn actress than a Toyota Lexus.

Today, I’ll talk about Japanese porn actresses.

I learned a lot of facts about porn actresses through reading this book, “Everything That Women Should Know About Porn Actresses”.

This book was written by former porn actress Kaho Shibuya. She shared a lot of interesting facts in this book. I think men also should know about porn actresses, so I decided to share it today with foreign men.

Kaho Shibuya has a unique career. She used to work for a newspaper company as a writer.

But she quit her job and became a porn actress. She worked as a porn actress from 2014 to 2019. After she retired, she thought that more people should know about Japanese porn actresses, so she published this book to share her knowledge and experiences as a porn actress. 

I also used to be an employee and quit my job to become a comedian. Some people said, “That was a really big decision.” But compared to her big decision, 

Mine is like a Japanese person’s penis size.

She said that adult videos will never be eradicated in Japan. So, instead of trying to get rid of that industry,  We should learn more about the industry and try to realistically improve it. 

I totally agree with her opinion. Porn actresses show us everything so that we can enjoy our alone time. So we should respect and thank them.

Their existence gives us post-nut clarity.

1. Categorized 3 classes.

Japanese porn actresses are categorized into 3 classes. 

They are  “exclusive actresses”, ”middle-class actresses”, and ”working-class actresses”

Top actresses are ranked as “exclusive”. Basically, they contract with only one porn company. And they have to perform only once a month. As only one company has the right to release their porn videos, their performance fees are higher and they usually receive a fixed monthly salary.

But if their DVD sales are not good and it’s not worth the cost, the company will ask actresses to take a pay cut or cancel their contract. Exclusive porn actresses are like professional baseball players.

The same as a pitcher, within a limited opportunity, They make people’s bat swing as much as possible.

”Middle-class actresses” don’t have an exclusive contract, they choose whether to perform depending on the content. As you already know, we have a wide variety of porn videos.

They don’t have a binding contract, so if they want, they can perform in many videos and earn a lot of money. The same as a professional pitcher, actresses need to be good at many kinds of pitches.But it’s a physical job, so some actresses get sick, and they don’t have sick leave.

Third is ”working-class actress”. They don’t perform in solo videos.They perform as just one of the actresses in a non-solo video. All non-famous porn actresses are categorized as this.

Most of them work in porn as a side job, so you could say they are part time porn actresses. It pays well and there is a low risk of their performance being found out, 

so they think it’s a good part time job for them.If you’re interested, it pays better than Uber Eats.

2. The income of porn actresses.

Kaho Shibuya mentions it in the book, and she said the average rate for one video is: 

“Exclusive actress” – from 500,000yen
”Middle-class actress” – from 100,000yen
”Working-class actress” – from 50,000yen

By the way, Kaho Shibuya said her highest pay for one video was 600,000yen. It was for her first anal sex video.  So it’s better to wait until they are famous to release an anal video. It seems for porn actresses, the decision of when to release an anal video is very important.

The pay rate changes depending on the videos contents and the number of times they are penetrated. When one famous Japanese idol debuted as a porn actress, the pay was 20,000,000yen.

But nowadays, even though Japanese porn is very popular all over the world, there are many illegal porn sites and DVD sales have decreased. This has resulted in deflation. So the porn actresses pay has also decreased.

This was caused by men who don’t pay to swing their bat.

I want to tell those men who watch Japanese porn on illegal sites. Women’s rights can’t be protected through demos.

Pay for porn, that is “women’s lives matter.”

It’s said in the Japanese industry the average commission rate is 50%. It means the agency gets 50% of the pay. I think it’s too much, but according to Kaho Shibuya, there’s a high risk in doing it privately without an agency. 

The porn industry is very conservative, nobody can change the system.. So if you want to get money as a porn actress, you need to contract with an agency. But guys! Imagine if you recorded a video of you jerking off and the agency got 50% of your sales. Your anger would explode more than your dick.

3. The problems of the porn industry

The forced participation of women in adult films is a big problem in Japan. Many women confessed they were forced to be porn actresses. And many TV news stations and other media reported on it. 

Since human rights groups started checking the porn industry strictly.
The rules against forcing women to act in porn videos became strict.

Now, if women ask the company to stop selling a video, they will stop much more easily than before and the women don’t need to pay a penalty fee.

But still some agencies attract women using fake job postings.
If they are looking for an adult goods monitor or body parts actress, Their purpose is to find a new porn actress!! 

This is Japanese tatemae.

But on the other hand, nowadays many porn actresses have become popular as sexy TV personalities in Japan. Some of them become real celebrities and talk openly about sex. 

And our society is also becoming more open about sex. Some women respect and admire these sexy celebrities and aim to become porn actresses themselves. 

However, some of them actually become porn actresses without thinking it through, I think that is also a problem.

It’s like getting a tattoo.

Some stupid foreigners come to Japan and don’t think seriously before getting a tattoo here, Then a few years later, they regret it. Like ‘What is this Pikachu tattoo, oh my god, I was so stupid. They have to live with the fucking Pikachu forever.

I think When Adult video agencies recruit them using job advertisements, They should say like

There is a risk of being found out and having people look down on you! But if you still want to be porn actress, please contact us.

I think, as they get a high commision, the companies should support the actress’s career long term.

4 Porn videos are fantasy

She said, Japanese videos have parts that are both real and fake, but to be honest, most of them are fake. Coming inside someone, squirting, even erect dicks and sperm are often fake.Most of the time, a famous drink 朝バナナ or ‘morning banana’ is use as fake semen.

It’s good for gokkun.

So don’t imitate the sex in Japanese porn. They have special skills and are using fake goods. If you try to have sex with a woman like in Japanese porn, there is a risk that she will get hurt.

Japanese porn is like Star Wars for the real world. We can’t use force. And our light sabers don’t light up. Unless you buy glow-in-the-dark condoms!

So I don’t recommend foreign guys watch too much Japanese porn. If you watch a lot, you’ll end up like a Japanese man.

We enjoy the fantasy too much and stop having real sex.

Why Japanese Brothels Don’t Accept Foreigners!?

Japan is known for its huge sex entertainment industry. It’s said there are almost 13,000 sex establishments in Japan. That is 6.6 times more than the number of McDonald’s. In Japan, we prefer junk sex to junk food.

You could say Japan is Disneyland for adults.
No children and foreigners allowed.

There are 3 reasons why our sex establishments don’t accept foreigners. After reading this article, you will understand why most establishments don’t accept foreigners.

Many foreign people ask me, “How can they provide sexual services even though prostitution is illegal in Japan?”

In Japan, we have a prostitution prevention law. Prostitution is illegal, but prostitution is only defined as having real sex – I mean penetration. This means that as long as no actual penetration occurs, we are allowed to provide these kinds of services.

As a result, various types of hentai sexual play were created in Japan.

Japan’s establishments are more diverse than Amsterdam’s. You could say Japan is the world’s largest red-light district.

In Japan, it’s legal to do S&M play, anal sex, and even roleplaying sexual harassment in a crowded train….Or should I say ‘practicing’.

If you want to know more details, please check out my previous video where I introduced the variety of sexual establishments in Japan.

So many foreign hentai guys dream of someday going to Japanese sexual establishments. However, almost all sex establishments don’t accept foreign customers. Nowadays places that allow foreigners to visit are growing, but there are still not many.

There are 3 reasons why sex establishments don’t accept foreigners.

First, communication

Most sex workers can’t speak English or any foreign language, so they can’t communicate with foreign customers. In Japan, we have various types of brothels and each place has different rules. 

Customers are required to follow the rules, but if foreign guests can’t understand them they may try to do more than is allowed, or something that is prohibited. Also, if there is an extra cost involved, they may not know this and think they have been overcharged.

For example, foreign men might watch too much Japanese porn and think they can do everything that is shown in porn.  Then, without paying the extra fee, they might do buukake Or drink the ‘sacred water’.

Did you know our sex industry calls pee ‘sacred water’.
That is a hentai’s ambrosia.

Japanese men respect sex workers because if they didn’t exist, they couldn’t do any sexual things. Some of them call sex workers their girlfriends.
For married men, this is the only place they can have sex.

In Japan, once you get married you stop having sex, so they never propose.

Second, sexual disease

Each country has a different common sexual disease. So they say if they accept foreign customers, the risk of STIs would be higher. To protect sex workers, they prohibit foreigners.

Also, they may think that foreigners have sex a lot. So they are more at risk of venereal disease. You guys may think that Japanese people have STIs too.
But we don’t have sex for long enough to pass on a disease.

We Japanese men, love foreplay.  Because we can’t satisfy ladies with our katana – just like real samurai. It’s said that good samurai usually didn’t use katana when they were fighting – they only used it as a last resort at the very end.

Personally, I also like foreplay because I can practice on my own. I use half an avocado – after that it becomes guacamole. Usually I spend one hour on foreplay. My sex takes 1 hour and 30 seconds.

Third, penis size

They are afraid of foreigners’ big dicks. They also think that, unlike Japanese men, foreign men don’t spend long on foreplay, and they want to ‘put it in’ as soon as possible.

So it may make a sex worker’s lady bits bigger. As a result, when they have a sex with Japanese men, it will be oversized.

Same as American McDonald’s sizes, we can’t finish it.

Some foreigners also weren’t allowed to be serviced in some brothels in Japan because their penis was too big for Japanese ladies. See – we’re not racist. We’re just ‘penisist’.

However, if you have a small dick, you can show a dick pic at the entrance . Only foreigners with small penises are allowed to enter – heh, enter.

Those are the reasons we don’t accept foreigners. Our closed-door sexual establishments are just open for Japanese people.  But recently immigrants and tourist numbers have increased and young Japanese men are not interested in these kinds of services.

So finally some places have opened targeting foreigners.

Now, the Japanese sex industry is trying to hire prostitutes who can speak English, and they started offering English lessons for their prostitutes. They are preparing to provide services to foreigners.

Some companies gather Japanese women who can speak English and open places aimed only at male foreigners. So we need English teachers to teach sexual English to Japanese sex workers. Teachers may teach English through roleplaying.

Just 2 skills are required: English and a small penis. Only Asian people and white American people will have a chance to get that job.

Recently expensive soaplands are eager to receive foreign, rich, male customers. They try to provide Japanese real Omotenashi.

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The oldest Japanese porn actress

Do you know the oldest Japanese porn actress in Japan? Her name is Yuko Ogasawara and she is 85 years old.

Now she is at the average age when other old people try to accept death and start to plan for the end of their life, but instead she will try to accept dicks and start to exercise. So today I’ll introduce her.

In 2016, when she was 81 years old, she debuted as a porn actress and got people’s attention as the oldest porn in the world.  Not only in Japan, the French national TV introduced her in a documentary show that introduced a fit and healthy senior.

By the way, sometimes our national TV station, NHK, also shows documentaries that introduce some fit elderlies. Usually, they interview old people who run every day.

In Japan, a healthy senior means someone who goes jogging. But in France it means someone who still has sex. In Japan nowadays, both young and old men prefer to exercise rather than have sex.

When Yuko Ogasawara shot her first porn video, she was 81 years old and it was her first time having sex with a man other than her dead husband. We should recommend her for the Guinness World Records Japan.

Of course not as the oldest porn actress,  As a Japanese wife who has been faithful to her husband for 81 years.

When she was 23 years old, she got married and until her husband died when he was 59, even after having 3 kids, she had sex with her husband almost everyday for 35 years. In Japan, this incident is called a miracle. But in France it’s called ”daily life.”

Then after her husband died, her friend asked her to manage a Snack or Hostess bar, and she worked there as the Mama or female owner for 7 years.

While she was working there, she had a young boyfriend who was a university student and she went on a trip with him.
But of course, it’s a date with a young Japanese college student,

So he didn’t have sex with her.

The reason why she became a porn actress was when she worked at the Snack, one of a regular customer suggested to her to try to be a porn actress. Not only because of her outgoing character and looks, but also in Japan’s aging society, MILF and Mature porn videos are becoming very popular. Many old men prefer to watch mature porn actresses instead of young porn actresses. 

It probably feels more realistic. Her adult video company was looking for real mature women. At 80, she was just the right age range. As many Japanese men have a mother complex.

Loli-con porn stars must now be in their 40s.

She refused to do it for 2 years but they never gave up and continued asking her. Their passion moved her heart and finally she answered “I’ll do it if I can have sex with a young, handsome man.”

Then a week later they found a young handsome actor for her and she agreed to do it. She’s living the dream of most Japanese women.

Her latest video’s title is “お婆ちゃん逆ナンパ” or “Grandmother picking up a young man”.

If you are interested in that, please check it out. It will give you hope for the future in this terrible year.

Since she debuted, she has tried to release a new video once a year. She tries to exercise and stretch everyday. She is trying her best. We Japanese must respect her – even though she is over 80 years old, she is trying her best to have a sex once a year.

She’s doing better than an ordinary Japanese married couple.

And above all, surprisingly, although she is over 80 years old and hasn’t have a sex for 24 years,

She got wet all by herself, without using lube. Now we know why she wanted a handsome young man. Maybe she had lots of practise getting herself wet with her Japanese husband.

When she was asked by the French media, what is your advice for staying fit and healthy?”

Unfortunately, nowadays many mature Japanese women give up having sex. should learn from her. To keep feeling feminine and sexually attractive, they should talk with young men. Especially, in Japan, unlike France, it’s impossible to have sex with their husbands forever.

She said, the most important thing is to talk with young men. Even without having sex with them, talking with them makes me so cheerful. I want to have sex with handsome men until the day I die.

So they should learn from young Japanese wives. They enjoy having sex.But not with their husbands.

How to be a Porn Actor in Japan!

Recently, Japanese porn is very popular all over the world.4,000 new porn videos are released every month. It’s said there are almost 10,000 female porn stars working in Japan.

But do you know how many male porn stars there are?

Just 70.

A famous Japanese porn star Shimiken tweeted“The Japanese porn actor is an endangered species because there are fewer than the Bengal tiger.”This tweet went viral through foreign media.

I told you guys every month they make 4,000 new porn videos. This means they make 48,000 videos a year. So 70 porn actors perform 48,000 video a year – I guess each actor performs in 686 video a year. They sacrifice their dicks for dicks all over the world.

Do you remember after big earthquake in Tohoku, the Fukushima nuclear power plant had a problem and some staff stayed behind and tried to fix it undera terrible situation. After the incident, foreign media called them the Fukushima50. I call the Japanese porn actors FuckHer70.

Today I’ll talk about Japanese porn actors. There is reasons why we don’t have many porn actors. First of all, the actors who can have sex with an actress in a porn video are only those who are recognized as professional porn stars. They all have to start their career as apprentices at the bottom of the ladder. 

By watching this video, you can learn how to become a porn actor or how to advance your career as a porn actor in Japan.

I read this book written by top porn actor Shimiken. So what I’ll talk about is based on his book. Please check him out.

Nowadays the Japanese porn industry is facing a lack of young porn actors. Most actors are between 30-40 years old. There are just a few 20-year-old actors. One of the reasons is that young people are afraid of getting caught being a porn actor by their relatives and friends through social media. Before it was rare to be found out, but nowadays there is a big risk.
Instead of pixelating their dicks, maybe they should pixelate their face.

As we all know Japan is an aging society, so you guys probably think there many old porn actors. Unfortunately, old porn actors are also afraid of getting caught by their grandchildren, and they retire before their grandchildren grow up. As a result, most actors are middle-aged men.

In the future in Japan, not only partners but also porn actors will be dolls.

But the main reason is not social media. Actually, when they are an apprentice, they need to work under oppressive working conditions. Almost 300 men aim to be a professional porn actor, but after a year only 3 people are left. This shows the probability of survival is just 3%. 
A porn actor’s rate of survival is lower than a tadpole.

The 70 porn actors are all at the top of the hierarchy. It’s said the road to becoming a professional porn actor is a very rocky road – like in the Lord of the Rings. In their case, instead of just getting the ring, they aim to insert their katana through it.

First, they have to start their career as bukkake actors. Their field is mainly bukkake videos. Regarding sex, bukkake is when a man comes on a woman’s face. Bukkake videos are when many men ejaculate on a woman.

Furthermore, bukkake actors are categorized in 3 classes, the upper bukkake man, middle bukkake man and lower bukkake man.

Upper bukkake men are deployed in front of the actress. Middle bukkake men are on the second line – they are standing behind the upper bukkake men.  Lower bukkake men take a position at the end of the line. They can’t see the actress so they have to use their imagination and jerk off, and when the time comes they need to walk between the upper bukkake men and middle bukkake men and shoot their load on the actress. 

Unfortunately, most lower bukkake men can’t do it. They launch it too early while they’re still too far away. So their sperm can’t reach the target, but instead dives to the floor. We can call it kamikaze bukkake. And if they can’t make it they don’t get paid. 

Most apprentices launch their rockets by mistake like North Korea, and they give up on becoming a middle bukkake man and quit.

Basically bukkake men’s pay is from 1,000 yen to 7,000 yen.  There is a big gap and it depends on class. If they want to be an upper bukkake man, they need to show their skills. For example, “They can shoot it with the best timing” 

“They can produce an amount of sperm that can be seen clearly” “They can shoot it on the target.”And there are bukkake bosses who manage bukkake actors. 

If a bukkake man is rated highly by a bukkake boss, They are recognized as a super bukkake man and they are paid between 7,000 yen to 10,000 yen.

They just look like they’re just enjoying bukkake, but they’re actually gambling their life on how well they can do it. For them it’s like a PK match in soccer. They are allowed to shoot just once and they aim at the target to make a goal. 

If they are recognized as a super bukkake man and keep getting good results.

They can step up to the next level – a blow job actor.Their job is obvious when you hear the name. They just get their dick sucked by an actress. Their salary is from 200,000 yen to 500,000 yen.

You may think it seems to be an easy and wonderful job. But it’s not easy. They always have to come according to the director’s orders. When the director gives a signal, they need to come as soon as possible. In other words, they have to last until the director says go.

They need to not only be patient but also enjoy following orders. Same as a Japanese salaryman. If they are acknowledged as good blowjob actors, finally they can become porn actors. A porn actor’s average salary is from 400,000 yen to 800,000 yen.

Top actors can get 50,000 yen per video, and their salary will be 1 million to 2 million per month. Only a very few actors can earn more than 2 million yen. So I can say the pool of Japanese porn actors is small but effective, same as a Japanese dick.

When we see a porn actor in the video, usually we complain and say, “Please don’t show your body. I can’t see the actress.”But now we have to respect porn actors. We need to save them.

I think porn actor and actress are sexual artists – they should express their art and develop the Japanese porn industry in a more artistic way, to combat the crazy image it currently has. Our Japanese economy is going down and we are losing power

But now, we have a big chance in the global porn industry. We should make the Japanese porn industry a global business. That is the only way that Japan will develop our economy again. So what do you think about Japanese porn actors? Please leave a comment on my Youtube Channel. 

Sexy Butt Exhibition in Japan | Hentai Art

Butts are art.

At the end of 2020, a butt exhibition was held in Tokyo. It was organized by Koyuki, who is known as the oshiri creator or butt creator in Japan.
He takes photographs of butts to make art.

You can think of this as a butt festival, where you can see the best butts in Japan. So today, I interviewed oshiri creator Koyuki, and he talked about the charm of oshiri, or butts.  After watching this video, you will definitely develop an oshiri fetish. Like me.

Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Oshiri creator Koyuki! I’m from Toyama and I’m 31 years old. I’m a photographer. After I graduated from university, I worked in manufacturing for 3 years. Since quitting my job, I have been skateboarding and meeting new people all over Japan.

Why did you become a photographer?

I met a man who has an apparel company and he asked me to work at his company. So I began working there and started taking photos of the clothing.

At first, I wore the clothes and took photos by myself. But I wanted to meet new people. So I recruited models and I took their photos. Some models asked me to take their photos privately, so then I started taking photos outside of the clothing shop.

Why did you start taking butt pictures?

Simply, I love butts.

I thought as a professional photographer, ”what do I want to take photos of” is very important. So I asked myself, what do I want to do as a photographer?  It didn’t take much time to find the answer. “The answer is butts.” So I decided to take butt photos. 

Since when have you liked butts?

After I graduated university. When we were junior high students, we became men. We started to be interested in sex. At that time, I was crazy about boobs the same as the other guys Only women have boobs, so I loved them and was eager to touch them.

What made you realize the charm of butts?

While I was a teenager, I dated some girls and my desire for boobs was satisfied. Of course, I still liked them. But it was kind of a teenager’s dream.

One day after having sex, I hugged my girlfriend. When we hug people, we can’t grab their boobs, so I touched her butt. I was impressed. It was super soft and felt amazing. Since then, I have been crazy about butts. When I grabbed that curvaceous cheek, I felt happiness.

What made you start taking pictures of butts?

I knew I wanted to take pictures of butts. But I was not sure there was any demand. A few years ago, I bought a necklace that had the word Oshiri written on it. 

When I wore it, many people talked to me about my necklace and all of them loved it. Both men and women showed interest in it. Then I realized everyone loves butts. So I decided to take photos of butts.

How did you find butt models?

I asked some models who I already knew through SNS. “I’d like to take butt photos, why don’t you become my model?” And they replied and I got 4 or 5 models very easily.

What do you think of when you take the photos.

First, butts are my favorite thing so I think of how to make it beautiful.
The most charming point is the soft swell and curve.
By curve, I mean from waist to butt, there is a gorgeous curve.

I want to show it off beautifully.

What is the greatest thing about butts?

Only humans have soft butts. Our butts have developed through evolution. First we walked on all fours, then we started walking on two legs, and sitting down like we do now. Along this long road of evolution, our butts changed and became soft. That’s why only humans have soft butts. I think that’s fantastic.

What do you think about the word hentai?

When I hear the word hentai, first I imagine people who have a high sex drive. But I think people who are crazy about something and try to master it are also kind of hentai.

In my case, I usually take pictures of butts. I always think about what situation is best to show the butts creatively and that. And I also think about how to make people butt lovers using my butt photos. 

Yes, I’m definitely hentai.

Do you want to have exhibitions abroad?

Of course. I think my favorite kind of butts must also exist abroad, Because I love big, firm butts.

Oshiri are the best! 

As I told you guys, only humans have these soft butts. Our butts help us to sit down.

We should respect them. The more thankful you are to butts, the more you love them. If many people think like this, butt pics will become more popular than dick pics in the world.

I made an oshiri brand and we have T-shirts and parker. If you like them, please buy them!!

・Oshiri bland

Writer: Meshida
Hi guys! It’s Meshida! I’m a stand-up comedian, and I introduce Japan’s hidden culture. If you are interested in that, please subscribe to my channel.

Are Geisha Prostitutes? Hidden Japanese Culture

Many foreigners ask me about geisha. They often say “Are geisha prostitutes?” 

So today, I thought I’d talk about real geisha!
There are many stories about how geisha began. But, this is a hentai channel, So I’m going to introduce the most interesting one!

1.What is a geisha?

A geisha is a high-class entertainer who performs Japanese dances and plays instruments like the shamisen. They help to carry on these traditional arts

The world of geisha is called the “karyukai”  and there are still some kagai, or geisha districts, where Geisha exist in Japan. Gion is the most famous district in Kyoto, while in Tokyo it is Shinbashi. 

A geisha’s job is to play traditional instruments, dance and entertain customers through games and conversation, to allow them to relax and have fun. By the way, they never provide sexual services. So you can say that now Geisha aren’t prostitutes.

But when you look back at history, it is complicated….

2. The Origin of Geisha is Women’s Kabuki?

It’s said that the origin of geisha lies in onna-kabuki, or women’s kabuki. Women’s kabuki is also the precursor to modern day kabuki, which is one of Japan’s popular traditional performing arts. A woman named “Okuni” dressed up like a man and started dancing.

They imitated “Kabukimono” – kabukimono were men in gangs who dressed in flamboyant clothing and were famous for doing crazy things. For example, performers expressed through dance a man having sex with a woman in a teahouse. This style of dance, called kabuki dance, became very popular.

So many female performers made groups and imitated that performance.
And they incorporated shamisen. Over time, this became women’s kabuki.
You could say that the origin of our most popular traditional performing art is a female Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Of course not only on the stage, they also danced on the futon after the event. Women’s kabuki shows combined entertainment and sex. After their performance,

people could enjoy not only the banquet hall but the dancer’s hole.

The government was afraid of the women’s kabuki movement because it looked like a crazy gangbang party. So they prohibited women from taking part in kabuki and tried to separate entertainment and sex. The government then created Yoshiwara, a legal red-light district, and they clamped down on performers who also provide sexual services and sent them to Yoshiwara.

Almost 300 years before the Netherlands legalized prostitution, Japan made a legal prostitution area. 

Believe it or not, in the Edo period we were very forward-thinking.

But some female kabuki performers avoid being arrested and they started private businesses in the city. A young performer and a middle-aged performer teamed up and provided private performances for rich men. The young woman danced and the middle-aged woman played the shamisen. These kinds of private performers became very popular.

They created a fun atmosphere and entertained men in banquet halls.
As well as between the sheets. Although there are various theories,
It is said that these kinds of female performers were called geisha.

3.Fukagawa Geisha and Yoshiwara Geisha

In Tokyo, Fukagawa is known for being the birthplace of geisha. There was a river and there were few fires, so many merchants and restaurants moved to this area. Many Okabasho, or non-certified whore houses started doing business there.

That’s why many female performers gathered in this area.
They provided dancing and music not only to liven up the atmosphere but also to liven up dicks as necessary.

The Fukagawa geisha were famous for 2 distinctive features. One was performing, and the second was sexual things.
However, they said publicly that “the Fukagawa geisha don’t provide sexual services, we are geisha.”

But everyone knew that was tatemae, which means public facade.
Even the governor understood that it was tatemae. So the Fukagawa geisha were not certified by the governor.

To be honest, the Fukagawa geisha provided both performances and sex. But if they provided sexual services easily, they would be looked down upon by people and called toko-geisha, or futon geisha.
To keep being valuable, the important thing was to rarely provide sexual services.

Even though sometimes they actually were sluts.
The same as Christian women.

Women who rarely had a sex with customers made men so excited, because they thought they might become one of those special customers. So they spent a lot of money.
This stupid desire was inherited by – Japanese men who often go to kyabakura or hostesses and hope to become special customers.

To become a popular geisha, how often you had sex was often more important than the frequency of your performances. There was often an inverse relationship between how often you had sex and your popularity.
So I would definitely say that geisha and prostitutes are very different.
Because geisha could choose their customers and when they accepted them.
(Although maybe not every time)

One time, 115 geisha in Fukagawa who provided sexual services were arrested and transferred to the Yoshiwara red right district.
In Yoshiwara, they divided up the prostitutes and performers. They forced talented performers to devote themselves to performing.
Then they called them Yoshiwara geisha.

The Yoshiwara geisha were certified as real geisha by the governor.
So they could call themselves “geisha”. But they were allowed to perform only in the Yoshiwara district. They didn’t have any freedom.
May be, among the common people they were seen as ‘fake’ geisha who only provided performances. 

4. Yanagibashi Geisha

Once Fukagawa became popular as a geisha area, many geisha openly provided sexual services – then Fukagawa gradually lost its dignity and declined. Instead of Fukagawa, the Yanagibashi area became popular as a geisha area in Tokyo until the Meiji era.

The reason why Yanagibashi became more popular than the Fukagawa area was because Fukagawa became more like a red right district.
On the other hand, the Yanagibashi area provided sexual services very secretly. They showed their tatemae, or the public facade that they only provide performances, very well.

Then beneath the tatemae, people enjoyed having sex.

5. New Geisha

During the Meiji era, Japan tried to westernize the country and prohibited human trade.
As a result, many prostitutes and geisha were released and became free.
Then the old geisha system was gone but a new system started.
Now only people over 18 years old can become geisha – or over 15 in Kyoto, but with permission from their parents.

By the way, one of the reasons that foreigners think geishas are prostitutes is that after World War 2, while under American occupation, many Japanese prostitutes dressed up and pretended to be geisha and provided sexual services.

American soldiers misunderstood and thought that Geisha!!!

They believe they experienced a real geisha’s futon performance.
But they just enjoyed a fake geisha’s hentai roleplaying service. 

So, coming directly from a Japanese person, I say to you:
“Geisha don’t provide sexual services, I promise.”

Please check out the Youtube channel!

Why are Japanese toilets so high-tech?

What do you think about Japanese technology?  

Our Japanese technology is fantastic.

Japanese technology
Japanese technology

Yes… The Japanese toilet.

Toto washlet

One day my American friend got angry with me and said,
“You’re such an asshole.” 

I was touched, and replied: 
“Thank you very much.”

Because, you know, we Japanese have the cleanest and most beautiful assholes in the world.
We squandered away too much money and technology on our assholes.

Asshole detective (Japanese anime)

Many foreigners ask “why are Japanese toilets so high-tech?”

Before, we Japanese didn’t care much about our assholes.
Like you Westerners.
But in 1981, a catchy advertisement changed our minds and the toilet scene.
It was a TV commercial with a Japanese girl.

This is it:

Hi! You!
If you have dirty hands, you wash them.
You don’t just wipe like this.
Do you know why?
Paper can’t remove all the dirt.
This is the same as with your asshole.
Even the asshole wants to be washed!

This TV commercial changed our minds…and our lives.