Youtube funny videos introduce Japan

If you want to know about Japanese culture, people, and current events.
You should watch these Youtubers videos who introduce Japan.

History of japan

12 Things NOT to do in Japan- Abroad in Japan

Geography Now! Japan – Geography Now

How to Introduce Yourself in Japanese | Innovative Japanese

JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future | JNTO

School Lunch in Japan – It’s Not Just About Eating!

Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese Office Worker in Tokyo

My Thoughts on Sexless Japan

Japanese React to “Sexless Japan” (Interview)

We Rented A Girlfriend In Japan | ASIAN BOSS

Christmas in Japan | Real Cool Japan
Meshida-Japanese Comedian

What Owning a Love Hotel in Japan is Like

What is the Video Box (DVD Box) | Real Cool Japan

Japanese Culture of BONENKAI 忘年会って何?

The Japanese Culture of “Listening”