Japanese prostitutes are kind of like civil servants

Nami : Do you know? Japanese prostitutes are kind of like civil servants.
The Japanese government acknowledges prostitutes as public workers.
They can provide sexual services to satisfy any interest except for penetration.

Lie : Wow, I didn’t know that. Good to know the government is focusing on what’s really important.

Nami : It means prostitutes are basically civil servants that help men jerk off without going as far as real sex.
That’s why there are many different kinds of sexual establishments that satisfy men’s sexual desires without insertion.

Lie : I love stories with a happy ending.

Nami : Meshida san you know a lot. What is your favorite?

Meshida : My favorite? I’m happy as long as I get an ending.
But I would never waste my money. (quotation)
Cause I have many good toys and toys are cheap and never say No.

Nami : Anyway Like Meshida, Some Japanese guys go there. And you know In Japan There are about 20,000 sexual establishments that cater to men’s sexual desires. That’s about as many as the number of 7-11’s in the country.

Lie : Wow, that’s a lot. I guess salary men must visit both on the way home.

Meshida : And Almost 300,000 women work in the sex industry.
It means about 1 girl in each school class will become a prostitute in Japan.

Lie : I have some male friends who will wish they’d known that at high school.

Meshida : Yes!