Japanese Millenials Don’t Have Sex: 5 Reasons Why!!

The western media often reports on and complains about Japan’s sexless problem. For example, that the Japanese millennial generation are not interested in having sex.

More than 40% of Japanese married couple don’t have sex. The western media seems to believe that sex is an amazing thing. But for us, for Japanese millennials, sex is old-fashoned. It’s like a steam locomotive, which uses extra energy and low benefit-cost ratio. We Japanese prefer maglev trains. We don’t want to waste energy.

I think western people should accept our Japanese values of not having sex.
Western people often say, why don’t Japanese people have sex? It’s weird. But for us, we can’t believe that Western people still have sex. It’s outdated.

So today I’ll talk about why Japanese milleniums don’t have sex.

1.  Advanced technologies
2.  Various sexual satisfaction
3   Busy
4   Low cost-benefit ratio
5.  Be a real family

1.  Advanced technologies

Nowadays we can satisfy our sexual desires and loneliness using technology. We Japanese are more advanced than any other country in using technology for sexual things. Among men, VR sex and erotic live chat are getting popular. Also we have amazing adult goods, like Tenga. 

It’s said it’s better than the real one. If we have VR and Tenga, we don’t need to say “Sorry” anymore. Regardless of gender, virtual romance games are getting popular. Without having real relationships, we can enjoy virtual romance. 

For women, real sex is like pro wrestling. Following the script, they are moved to various positions. Although they don’t feel anything, they have to pretend. And even though it’s fake, it can still be painful. But in a virtual romance, they control the script. Sex is not tech-savvy.

2.  Various sexual satisfaction

Usually sex’s goal is, through insertion, to get people to come. But in Japan there are many ways to come other than insertion or sex. For example, play adult computer games, live chat with women and just soine or co-sleeping. 

Recently, soine is getting popular and some stores provide a soine service to both men and women. And also instead of the word sefure or sex friend, sofure or soine friend is famous.

Through just co-sleeping, we can satisfy our sexual desires.Abroad, it’s called foreplay. Zen teaches us to let go our of worldly desires. If you can master a Zen mind, you can understand our Japanese feelings.

And some men buy used panties or join costume photo sessions. After the event, they use them to enjoy themselves. It’s the same as Japanese traditional meals. Instead of a main dish, we can enjoy many kinds of side dishes.

3   Busy

Japanese companies are known for long, inefficient work hours. And young people are taken advantage of by middle-aged arrogant bosses who don’t work much.

Nowadays women also work hard. They are busy and don’t have the time and energy for romance. And they also think they shouldn’t waste energy on relationships. For Japanese workers, sex is something to do for people who have nothing to do. For example, some countries where many people don’t have jobs, such as Greece.

And according to a survey, it’s been shown that for men in their early 30s, 40% of salaried employees are unmarried, while 70% of temporary employees are unmarried. On the other hand, women in their early 30s have the opposite results. Salaried women are more often unmarried than temporary employees.

I think male non-permanent workers should try to master home-making skills, like female temporary employees do. Then maybe they could find a permanent position with a woman.
Recently I go to a cooking class.

4   Low cost-benefit ratio

A relationship means having to understand your partner who has different values and thoughts. You have to worry about your partner. 

Many people think, even though they always pay attention to others while working, after work, in their private time, they don’t want to worry about their partner.

Especially during sex, men worry about if they can do it well or last long enough. And women also worry about how to act. They are both tired of it.
Nowadays there are a lot of ways to satisfy our sexual desires, so why do we have to struggle to have sex.

Finally, we Japanese realized that to relationships and sex both have a low benefit-cost ratio. They are more work than it’s worth. At work we spend a lot of our time being inefficient, so at home we don’t want to waste time.

So you could say that the time and energy that Western people spend on sex is inefficient, the same as a Japanese company.

5.  Be a real family

When Japanese couples get married and become a family, unlike western couples, we become real partners. Some of my friends who got married said, when they have sex with their partner, they feel like they’re having sex with a relative. For some people who love incest porn, it’s ok, but most people feel weird. 

In other words, Japanese married couple’s sexless problem actually seems to be the goal of mature love. They finally become a real family. So western couples who continue having sex after getting married are immature.

They don’t know real love.

But of course, sexlessness is a problem for our country. In maybe 50 years, Japanese will be regarded as an endangered species. In 2019, Japan’s birth rate was the worst since they started recording in 1899. If we try to increase our population, all women need to give birth to at least 2 kids.

It’s an impossible mission, the same as the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.

The famous infertility doctor, Dr Yoshimura said, Some married couples come to hospital and they see the doctor They want to make a baby but they can’t. Why not? It turns out they don’t have sex.

To improve the birth rate, first we should reform our sex education.