Report: English Stand-up Comedy Show in Asakusa, Tokyo “My Japanese Perspective” [Vol. 255]

Have you ever seen a Japanese guy telling jokes in English in Tokyo? 
If the answer’s no, then you might want to check out my show called My Japanese Perspective. 
I have been organizing a standup comedy show for two years now, and on 24 November I did my 255th show so far. 

Tonight there were 5 audience members. They were all from America and Canada. They are all anime and manga lovers.
They came to Japan to join the Tokyo Comic Con!

What’s Comic Con?
Starting out as the Golden State Comic Book Convention in 1970, it was first organized by Shel Dorf and a group of San Diegans. Today, Comic Con is an event encompassing technology and pop culture. The San Diego Comic Con (U.S.) is a huge annual event in early July, attracting more than 130,000 visitors by showcasing a large range of elements; comics, animation, games, and movies. Nowadays, comic conventions are a big business and they garner a huge amount of public attention, holding recurring shows not only in American cities, but with franchised events held in France, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

The audience for my show was really kind and absolutely amazing. Rather than me just telling jokes, it became a really interactive comedy show. They focused on my performance throughout, and they gave me good ideas for the future.

If you are looking for night entertainment in Tokyo, please come to my comedy show! Let’s make fun of Japan together!

English Stand-up Comedy Show “My Japanese Perspective”

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