Report: English Stand-up Comedy Show in Asakusa, Tokyo “My Japanese Perspective” [Vol. 257]

Have you ever seen a Japanese guy telling jokes in English in Tokyo? 

If the answer’s no, then you might want to check out my show called My Japanese Perspective. 
I have been organizing a standup comedy show for two years now, and on 28 November I did my 257th show so far. 

My Japanese Perspective

Tonight there were 7 audience members. They were from America, Norway, and Australia. Before the show started we introduced ourselves in turn.

Before the show time

A girl from Norway was traveling by herself. She told me that many people in Norway are depressed because of the weather, especially during the winter season they can get exposure to sunlight for just a few hours…
I said in Japan we have a lot of sunny days, but most people are depressed because of the culture.

An American man recommended to me the comedians Peter Kay and Lee Evans.
After the show, I watched their comedy. I really love their humor.

Peter Kay
Lee Evans

Even though my standup comedy is in English and 99% of my audiences are foreign tourists, 2 Japanese women joined the show tonight.
Usually, the Japanese audience members are not good at laughter and tend to be very quiet, but they were totally different. They studied in an International school so they can speak English way better than me and they are both artists. It was nice to talk with some Westernized Japanese.

The show was great. I performed for more than 1 hour and they seemed to like it. I really enjoyed the interactive stand-up comedy show with them!

after the show

They loved my Toilet joke! Please check it out.

If you are looking for night entertainment in Tokyo, please come to my comedy show! Let’s make fun of Japan together!

English Stand-up Comedy Show “My Japanese Perspective”

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