Ninja Bar in Asakusa,Tokyo

Have you ever met a ninja in real life?
Even Japanese people can’t see ninja in Japan anymore (and not just because they can turn invisible).
It is very rare to meet ninja in the current Reiwa era.
However, there is a secret place we can meet ninja in Asakusa.

You can meet a ninja and also drink and talk with him – and even sing karaoke with him!  Are you wondering if ninja are also good at singing or telling jokes?  If you want to find out, visit Ninja Bar in Asakusa and find out.

This bar is located underground and has a wide variety of ‘cup sake’.
Cup sake is a small amount of sake pre-packaged in a plastic cup.
Since cup sake is small, you can enjoy a lot of different types of cup sake in one evening and still remember it in the morning (well, hopefully).

And if you feel you want to try fighting a ninja, why not dress up in your favorite costume for the battle! This bar provides various costumes such as sumo wrestlers, samurai and Dragon Ball Z characters!  You can wear the costumes while drinking in the bar, and hopefully it’ll be a good way to break the ice with other customers, too!

I’m sure you can have an awesome experience with ninjas here. Enjoy yourself at Ninja Bar!


1-1-12 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo