Report: Guest House Comedy Night! English Stand-up Open Mic & Meet-up [Vol. 74]

It was a fun night!

We organize this stand-up open mic event every two weeks at Little Japan, located in Asakusabashi. Cheerful people from all around the world (this time NZ, UK, France, Indonesia, Thai, Taiwan, and Japan!) gather together each time in the cozy atmosphere of the hostel.

Participants each take turns talking in front of everyone. Some of them are used to doing stand-up comedy, and others not so much, but everyone enjoys their time sharing and making people laugh.

In Japan, stand-up comedy or open mic nights are not yet very popular. Japanese people love talking and laughing with colleagues or friends while drinking and often make fun of themselves or others, but not in front of an audience.

We (Funny Japan Project) are trying to spread the culture of stand-up comedy or open mic nights to everyone in Japan, not just for people who want to become comedians.

When you stand up and try to make everyone in front of you laugh, you can turn your bad luck or shortcomings into comedy! It’s like magic… It gives you a chance to create something positive from not so pleasant memories, instead of just being caught up in the situation.

Normally we tend to avoid expressing negative emotions, but actually, it helps to decrease tension!

Laughing and making people laugh is good for your health!

Let’s create a culture of stand-up comedy in Japan together! Come and join us! Book here for the next event at Little Japan, Asakusabashi.

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