Hong Kong will become The Mainland’s newest campsite!?

There is a big demo in Honking to protest against extradition.

Almost 1million protesters attended this demo.Police reported it was 250,000 people. But It was reported by Chinese Police.
So it’s 1million protesters.

Why do Hongkongers protest extradition?

Because if they accept extradition, Mainland China can judge all suspects and criminals in Hong Kong.
they don’t have a right to atrial in Hong Kong.
They will send them to China directly and judge them in their courts.

Maybe in the future, If people wear Winnie the Pooh T-shits,
They are tried for treason.
Actually, Winnie the Pooh is strictly censored in China.
Because He looks like their leader Xi Jin-ping.

I think he looks like “Babe” more than Pooh.

Winnie the Pooh must have been devastated when he heard the news.
And if they have a movie party and watch the legendary movie “Babe”
They will all die a mysterious death in China.

The movie Ghost Busters was also strictly censored.
They banned movies that have stories based on cult and superstition.
It means they can’t play their Chinese history movie.
Like “China 5,000 years of history”

“one person one vote”

Anyway if this extradition works,
The International financial city of Hong Kong will become The Mainland’s newest campsite for all of Pooh’s best friends
Hong Kong is now part of China under one country, two systems principle,
but now China gradually erodes Hong Kong and now they can’t have the universal election.
they don’t have the right “one person one vote.”
I can’t believe this!
Even people in North Korea have one person one vote.
Even though they just only 1 candidate.

Donald Trump to be a Christopher Robin?

I think just one person can stop Chinese Pooh.
Yes, his best friend “Christopher Robin.
I really expected Donald Trump to be a Christopher Robin and convince Pooh. becauseTrump said Xi is my friend.
But after I saw Christopher Robin profile in Wikipedia.
I gave up.
Because On his profile it is said

Special skill: Writing Proficiency

Yes, Christopher Robin never tweets “Prince of Whales.”

Now I think
Hong Kongers really want to ask British People.
They want to ask

“Could you colonize us again?”