How to visit a Soapland (Japanese Brothel)

Today I’ll introduce you guys to a high-class Soapland that accepts foreigners! I think Soaplands are the culmination of Omotenashi or Japanese hospitality. First, I’ll teach you what a soapland is.

1.Soaplands are the ultimate in sexual services. 

They provide both a bath and actual sex.  Originally, they were called Toruko-buro, which means ‘Turkish baths’. However, in 1984, exchange students from Turkey sued to change the name.
The new name was decided by a poll. 

It is said that it was Japan’s most important poll. Almost 2,200 new names were suggested. For example, Loveyou, and New Paradise.  Finally they decided on Soapland. They were hoping for a squeaky clean image.

Maybe you guys think that Soaplands are illegal. As in Japan, we have a prostitution prevention law and it defines prostition as real sex or penetration. We Japanese always follow the rules – so we create loopholes.

Customers pay an entrance fee, which covers the bath, and an ‘assistant fee’.Technically, the soapland is just lending a room to the prostitute.  The store and the prostitute don’t have an employer-employee relationship. They can say that the prostitute just rented the room and helped men take a bath.

Then, they both fell in love and started making love to each other. 

Sex for money is illegal, but this love is fate, so it’s okay For a country that doesn’t say ‘I love you’ very much, we fall in love very quickly. But we fall out of love just as quickly – in an hour.

Here, various services are provided, including penetration. You could say Soaplands are an adult theme park. You can enjoy various kinds of sexual entertainment. Yeah, for Japanese middle-aged men,  Soapland is like Disneyland.

For example, Senboukyou (潜望鏡) or blow jobs in the bath,  And the best part of Soapland is the lotion mat play (マットプレイ). You don’t need to do anything, just lie down like a dead fish. A woman covers herself in lotion and slips and slides against your body. Instead of church, we go to Soaplands. After receiving this service, you will be revived just like Jesus.

2.Flow of visit

The basic flow is like this.

1. You should choose a woman and a time.

Before you go, you can choose a time and book through the website. The shortest time is 60 mins but it doesn’t include lotion mat play. If you want to enjoy mat play you should choose the 120 mins option.

2. Go to the Soapland

After arriving, you first pay at the entrance, then go to the waiting room. A staff member will call you, and you will meet the woman you chose and go to a private room together.

3. Enjoy talking

First, you should enjoy talking with the woman.   It’s the same as a Tinder date. After enjoying talking, she will take you to the bathroom and start washing your body. Only high-class Soaplands can provide sex even before a shower.  At the other Soaplands, you have to take a bath first. 

4. Mat play

If you choose the 120 mins option, you can order the lotion mat play service.

5. Bed play

If you still have energy, you can move to the bed and do it again.

6. Take a bath

After playing, you can take a bath again and talk with the woman. Recently we have a variety of Soaplands, each with their own rules If you ignore a rule, or if the prostitute refuses something and you force her to do it,the store will call the police or ask you to pay a fine. So, before you go it is very important to check the rules.

3.There are 3 types of Soaplands.

First, at the working class Soaplands.

Shortest service time is 60 mins and the average price is 15,000 yen or 150 dollars. You will find a wide variety of women employed here, from all walks of life. They don’t offer mat play.

Second, at the middle class Soaplands.

The shortest service time is 80 mins and the average price is 30,000 yen or 300 dollars. They provide mat play here.

Last, at the upper-class Soaplands.

The shortest service time is 120 mins and the average price is 50,000-80,000 yen or 500-800 dollars. All the women are professionals.

The Soapland is also very well designed, like an expensive hotel, and they provide only the best service. If you want to experience real Japanese hospitality, you should go to an upper class Soapland. I think working class and middle class Soaplands are fake Soaplands.

Yoshiwara in Tokyo is the most famous area for Soaplands. Yoshiwara is the real red-light district of Japan.

4.How to book

Recently some new upper class Soaplands targeting foreign men have opened.Some popular sites offering information in English are: 

Tokyo Erotic Guide

Japan Soapland Guide

Here, you can find Soaplands that accept foreigners. It depends on the store, some stores accept reservations online, but in general you should call. But don’t worry, as these stores accept foreigners, some staff can speak English!

I highly recommend visiting an upper class Soapland.