German People can get rid of the virus easily (black joke)

Because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel declared
Since World WarⅡ, this is the biggest threat we have faced 
We have to fight it together.

I think German People can get rid of the virus easily.

Because they are really good at genocide.

I just hope the cure isn’t in the form of a gas.

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Do old people need to train to fight the coronavirus!?

I’m working out at the gym.

Even though the coronavirus is pandemic,

Many old people still come to the gym and do the training

They always say

“We come here to train to make our body strong to fight the coronavirus.”

To be honest,

After the training, the body’s immune system is depleting.

which means

they come to the gym and train to be infected with the virus.

In order to solve the problem of an aging society

I let them do the training every morning.

Meshida-Japanese Comedian every day 1min standup