Sexy Butt Exhibition in Japan | Hentai Art

Butts are art.

At the end of 2020, a butt exhibition was held in Tokyo. It was organized by Koyuki, who is known as the oshiri creator or butt creator in Japan.
He takes photographs of butts to make art.

You can think of this as a butt festival, where you can see the best butts in Japan. So today, I interviewed oshiri creator Koyuki, and he talked about the charm of oshiri, or butts.  After watching this video, you will definitely develop an oshiri fetish. Like me.

Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Oshiri creator Koyuki! I’m from Toyama and I’m 31 years old. I’m a photographer. After I graduated from university, I worked in manufacturing for 3 years. Since quitting my job, I have been skateboarding and meeting new people all over Japan.

Why did you become a photographer?

I met a man who has an apparel company and he asked me to work at his company. So I began working there and started taking photos of the clothing.

At first, I wore the clothes and took photos by myself. But I wanted to meet new people. So I recruited models and I took their photos. Some models asked me to take their photos privately, so then I started taking photos outside of the clothing shop.

Why did you start taking butt pictures?

Simply, I love butts.

I thought as a professional photographer, ”what do I want to take photos of” is very important. So I asked myself, what do I want to do as a photographer?  It didn’t take much time to find the answer. “The answer is butts.” So I decided to take butt photos. 

Since when have you liked butts?

After I graduated university. When we were junior high students, we became men. We started to be interested in sex. At that time, I was crazy about boobs the same as the other guys Only women have boobs, so I loved them and was eager to touch them.

What made you realize the charm of butts?

While I was a teenager, I dated some girls and my desire for boobs was satisfied. Of course, I still liked them. But it was kind of a teenager’s dream.

One day after having sex, I hugged my girlfriend. When we hug people, we can’t grab their boobs, so I touched her butt. I was impressed. It was super soft and felt amazing. Since then, I have been crazy about butts. When I grabbed that curvaceous cheek, I felt happiness.

What made you start taking pictures of butts?

I knew I wanted to take pictures of butts. But I was not sure there was any demand. A few years ago, I bought a necklace that had the word Oshiri written on it. 

When I wore it, many people talked to me about my necklace and all of them loved it. Both men and women showed interest in it. Then I realized everyone loves butts. So I decided to take photos of butts.

How did you find butt models?

I asked some models who I already knew through SNS. “I’d like to take butt photos, why don’t you become my model?” And they replied and I got 4 or 5 models very easily.

What do you think of when you take the photos.

First, butts are my favorite thing so I think of how to make it beautiful.
The most charming point is the soft swell and curve.
By curve, I mean from waist to butt, there is a gorgeous curve.

I want to show it off beautifully.

What is the greatest thing about butts?

Only humans have soft butts. Our butts have developed through evolution. First we walked on all fours, then we started walking on two legs, and sitting down like we do now. Along this long road of evolution, our butts changed and became soft. That’s why only humans have soft butts. I think that’s fantastic.

What do you think about the word hentai?

When I hear the word hentai, first I imagine people who have a high sex drive. But I think people who are crazy about something and try to master it are also kind of hentai.

In my case, I usually take pictures of butts. I always think about what situation is best to show the butts creatively and that. And I also think about how to make people butt lovers using my butt photos. 

Yes, I’m definitely hentai.

Do you want to have exhibitions abroad?

Of course. I think my favorite kind of butts must also exist abroad, Because I love big, firm butts.

Oshiri are the best! 

As I told you guys, only humans have these soft butts. Our butts help us to sit down.

We should respect them. The more thankful you are to butts, the more you love them. If many people think like this, butt pics will become more popular than dick pics in the world.

I made an oshiri brand and we have T-shirts and parker. If you like them, please buy them!!

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Writer: Meshida
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