Want to enjoy delicious local Japanese foods? Come to Inagaki!

There are lots of great restaurants in Asakusa, but today I want to recommend a traditional motsuyaki izakaya called Inagaki.

This restaurant has been very popular in Asakusa for a long time, because it serves so many different types of local Japanese food, as well as drinks such as sake and beer so you can find the perfect drink to pair with your meal. Not to mention, they are all absolutely delicious.
If you want to try real Japanese food, you definitely need to try eating at Inagaki.

Their most popular menu item is their motsuyaki, or grilled giblets on a skewer. If you’ve never tried giblets before, here is the perfect place to take the plunge! On the other hand, if you know you already like to eat giblets, I’m sure you are gonna love them grilled in this traditional Japanese style!
A lot of people think that giblets have a rather strong smell, but here their giblets are very fresh and just incredibly tasty.  

The atmosphere at Inagaki is great as well. While you can choose to sit at a table if you wish, some sections have a tatami floor (you need to take off your shoes so make sure to wear matching socks!) and then you will be seated on a zabuton, a type of traditional Japanese cushion.

While many visitors in Japan wish to see the Skytree, Tokyo Tower, or other tall, modern buildings, Inagaki gives you a chance to experience a traditional restaurant built a long time ago.
In addition to that, their waiters and waitresses are very energetic and friendly, so even if you go to eat alone you will have an enjoyable time.

Japanese people really love eating and drinking, and we are proud of our food culture. I’m certain this restaurant will be one of your favorites in Japan.


3-25-4 Higashi-komagata, Sumida-ku, Tokyo