Best 10 Japanese Romantic Comedy Movies Of All Time

10.Hana Yori Dango Final

Based on the Hana Yori Dango manga series, this is the final movie. Preparing for marriage, Tsukasa and Tsukushi go through many trials and tribulations. Will they work it out, or will they have to call the marriage off…?


A Japanese sports romantic teen drama, revolving around the Japanese card game karuta. The main character, Chihaya, is striving to be the best karuta player in Japan. Her two male friends, also excellent players, support her with her dream – and also, unknown to her, have both fallen in love with her…

8.One Week Friends

A Japanese youth romance, based on a manga. Yuki falls in love at first sight with Kaori, but his offer of friendship is rejected. He learns that this is became she suffers from amnesia, and any memory other than that of her parents is gone after a week. Creating a shared journal, to help her remember him, they slowly grow closer. Until old friends of hers show up, and she seems to remember one of them…

7. I Give My First Love to You

Another teen romance based on a manga, this follows the first love of two childhood friends, one of whom won’t live past 20 due to a heart condition. A bittersweet story, learn of love, loss and happiness through their relationship.

6. A Song to the Sun

Released in 2016, a Hollywood remake titled Midnight Sun was released in 2018. Another bittersweet love story, a girl Kaoru, who suffers from a rare skin condition which makes UV radiation from the sun possibly fatal, falls for a surfer, Kōji. She keeps her condition a secret from Kōji for as long as possible, but eventually he finds out…

5.Crying Out Love in the Center of the World

A Japanese drama released in 2004, the protagonist, Saku, returns to his hometown following his fiancé. At his family home, he discovers a box of tapes with messages from his highschool sweetheart, who had leukemia. Past and present blend to create this beautifully bittersweet story.

4.Whisper of the Heart

In this fantastical anime, the protagonist, Shizuku, follows a cat riding the train, all the way to an antique shop. There she grows close to Seiji, who heads off to Italy to continue his studies towards becoming a professional violin maker. She begins to write a story about a cat statue in the antiques shop, ‘The Baron’, determined to finish it before he gets back.

3. Cyborg She

Sci-fi and romance intertwine in this time traveling movie. The main character, Jiro, receives a cyborg girlfriend as a present from his future self, to protect himself from a disaster about to occur, changing the future.

2.Your Name

Highly acclaimed, this anime is about a high-school boy in Tokyo and a girl in rural Japan who begin to intermittently switch bodies. Helping out each other’s lives, they grow closer through notes they leave eachother, until they find disaster looms…

1. Be With You 

This 2004 romance drama was remade as a Korean movie in 2014. When she passes away, Mio leaves behind a husband and young son. One day, the father and son find a woman while out walking – she has no memory of who or where she is, so they accept her as a new Mio. She comes to live with them, and the father recounts to her how he met his ex. wife, a long story of many missed chances. As the rainy season comes to an end, his son finds Mio’s diaries inside a time capsule they had hidden together before she died, and the father finally gets to hear the other side of the story…