A Chinese official tweet US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan!

A Chinese official attacked the US online.
He tweeted.

It might be the US army that brought the epidemic to Wuhan.
Be transparent! Make public your date! The US owes us an explanation.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned his Chinese counterpart against spreading 
“outlandish rumors” about the coronavirus pandemic.

I definitely agree with Pompeo.
China should stop saying that kind of stupid thing.
This is not America’s conspiracy, it’s obvious.
America will never create this half-baked virus.
We Japanese know.

They do it radically

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Shut the fuck up WHO!!!

On 13th March WHO’s director made an assessment that 
Coronavirus can be characterized as a pandemic.
Many people complained about it 
“that it’s too late!”

And during the interview WHO declared
“Now Europe is the epicenter of the virus.”
Then they also added that 
China is rapidly suppressing the virus.

It’s impossible that China suppresses coronavirus.

They just suppress WHO

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Italian Government bans People to kiss and hug

Many people have tested positive for the virus in Italy.
In order to stop the virus from spreading further,
the Italian Government published some guidelines,
It bans People to kiss and hug their friends.
What the fuck! 
Of course, Italian people are complaining about it.

But now we have to do that.
They should learn about Japanese culture.
We Japanese usually don’t kiss and hug people.
We just do it secretly on a crowded train.

Even if we still accept Chinese tourists, 
the number of cases here is still less than in Italy
we don’t really like getting into someone’s personal space. 

Even Married couples don’t do that.

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