The 3 reason Japanese people don’t shave pubic hair

Why don’t Japanese people shave their pubic hair? 
Many Western men ask me. In most cases they are talking about Japanese women. But in Japan, men also don’t shave their pubic hair.

Recently some young people shave. But still the majority don’t, we have a jungle in our delicate zone. So today I’ll share the 3 reasons why we Japanese have pubic hair.

1.  It is a certification of adulthood

In ancient times, humans had a lot of hair on our bodies, like gorillas. But in the process of evolution, all our hair disappeared except for the important parts. In 2021, we still have pubic hair, so that means pubic hair has a purpose.

A long time ago, if you had pubic hair, you were regarded as an adult and it proved that you were ready to make a baby.It was a symbol of adulthood. In ancient times, if they went to a nightclub in a cave, at the entrance they had to show their pubic hair, it was their ID.

In Japan, we have the stereotype that adults have pubic hair and kids have nothing. As you already know, Japanese people are known worldwide for having baby faces. If people shave, we don’t know if it’s natural or not.

That’s why some salary men like women who shave.Women are like trees – you can judge their age by the length of their pubic hair.

2:  Culture of public baths

The reason why Japanese people worry about their pubic hair is because people can see our pubic hair in the public baths. In Japan, we have a culture of taking public baths and we love it. We often take a bath with friends and talk. It’s called “Hadaka no tsukiai” In English, it literally means, “naked relationship.”

Nowadays, we have more naked relationships with the same gender than the opposite. (I have seen my friends naked more than my girlfriend)

And since childhood, we Japanese show our delicate parts at public baths.(So that’s why some men love to flash people in public.)

For teenagers, it’s very important when your pubic hair appears.If it’s too early or too late, you are made fun of by your classmates. In my case, my pubic hair didn’t appear until I was high school,

so my classmates called my private area a “desert”.

But seeing each other naked is very important for schoolboys.It allows us to understand our place in the hierarchy.So like this, since we are kids, we alway compare ourselves to others. 

When we grow up, we prefer to be the same as others.In our society, even our delicate areas suffer from peer pressure. You could say ‘pubic hair pressure’.

3: Paipan means professional

We call people who don’t have pubic hair “Paipan”. Especially for women, people who are paipan are seen as professional sex workers or sluts.Men are seen as trying to make themselves look bigger.  Some stupid men are too insecure.

So if you are paipan, you are judged and looked down on by conservatives. In Japan, we have Paipan discrimination. And many Japanese men seem to prefer women who have pubic hair. I asked my Japanese friends, they said
We really want to enjoy the juxtaposition Japanese women have. 

Even though they look so cute, when they take off their panties, there is a jungle. And pubic hair smells and we really like it. I think our sexual perversity also helps our pubic hair culture.

You guys know, it’s said it’s better to have pubic hair. It’s said if you shave your pubic hair, you stop releasing a hormone. Pubic hair smells and it attracts people. That smell makes us horny.

Now I understand why perverts are attracted to smelly panties. They are not hentai or perverts, they are just human beings. And through shaving your pubic hair, you hurt your skin and it is damaged.  There is a higher risk of getting a sexual disease.

So for these reasons, I highly recommend for foreigners to have jungle in your underwear like us. You can also sell your panties for extra income.