The Naked Director

Recently a new Netflix drama was released. The title is “The Naked Director”

This is a true-life story of a porn director, Toru Muranishi. He is known as the King of Porno.

In the 1980s, our porno industry had strict rules. Censorship laws were strict and real sex was unheard of in the pornography industry. But he ignored the rules and proceeded to the real sex videos. Additionally, he is not only a director but also an actor. It means he is shooting the movie and the actress at the same time.

He is popular at conducting a sexy interview before doing the deed.

This is it(Original interview by Toru Muranishi )


I’ll show the movie with my subtitles

< Sexy interview by Toru Muranishi>

I’d like to fuck you.

But this time we don’t do just normal fuck.

We want to use a small tool effectively.

What is the small tool?

This is it.

Dou you know what this is?

I think you are just pretending.

This is a whistle.

Could you suck it with your mouth

The way you suck the whistle is so erotic.

You don’t need it to move it out

Just blow it.

That sounds nice

One more time

Oh! That’s so sexy.

So We’ll use this whistle.

How do we use this?

You and I will fuck

But I don’t insert you as soon as possible.

Of course, I’ll do foreplay.

Or I may have a middle play.

Then we start fucking.

So During sex, I want you to blow the whistle.

If you feel so so, please blow once.

If you feel more, please blow twice.

If you almost coming, please blow thrice.

Then the audience can understand how do you feel now.

You feel 10, 5 or 1 is totally different.

How much you feel is difficult to understand.

So you express it using this whistle.

Even though we will do real fuck

we have to blur it because this is legal.

So we can’t show how your juice dripping.

Unfortunately, we can’t show it.

Then instead of show it, we use this whistle.

Are you ready?

Let’s do it.

Please grab your whistle harder.

Before we start, I’d like to ask something.

What kind of sex do you like?

Kind or Crazy?

Actress: Crazy

Oh, you mean crazy but sometimes kind isn’t it?

Actress: Yes

How about Kind at the same time crazy?


If you want to know more about Japanese Porno industry

Please watch “The Naked Director.