Why Japanese Brothels Don’t Accept Foreigners!?

Japan is known for its huge sex entertainment industry. It’s said there are almost 13,000 sex establishments in Japan. That is 6.6 times more than the number of McDonald’s. In Japan, we prefer junk sex to junk food.

You could say Japan is Disneyland for adults.
No children and foreigners allowed.

There are 3 reasons why our sex establishments don’t accept foreigners. After reading this article, you will understand why most establishments don’t accept foreigners.

Many foreign people ask me, “How can they provide sexual services even though prostitution is illegal in Japan?”

In Japan, we have a prostitution prevention law. Prostitution is illegal, but prostitution is only defined as having real sex – I mean penetration. This means that as long as no actual penetration occurs, we are allowed to provide these kinds of services.

As a result, various types of hentai sexual play were created in Japan.

Japan’s establishments are more diverse than Amsterdam’s. You could say Japan is the world’s largest red-light district.

In Japan, it’s legal to do S&M play, anal sex, and even roleplaying sexual harassment in a crowded train….Or should I say ‘practicing’.

If you want to know more details, please check out my previous video where I introduced the variety of sexual establishments in Japan.

So many foreign hentai guys dream of someday going to Japanese sexual establishments. However, almost all sex establishments don’t accept foreign customers. Nowadays places that allow foreigners to visit are growing, but there are still not many.

There are 3 reasons why sex establishments don’t accept foreigners.

First, communication

Most sex workers can’t speak English or any foreign language, so they can’t communicate with foreign customers. In Japan, we have various types of brothels and each place has different rules. 

Customers are required to follow the rules, but if foreign guests can’t understand them they may try to do more than is allowed, or something that is prohibited. Also, if there is an extra cost involved, they may not know this and think they have been overcharged.

For example, foreign men might watch too much Japanese porn and think they can do everything that is shown in porn.  Then, without paying the extra fee, they might do buukake Or drink the ‘sacred water’.

Did you know our sex industry calls pee ‘sacred water’.
That is a hentai’s ambrosia.

Japanese men respect sex workers because if they didn’t exist, they couldn’t do any sexual things. Some of them call sex workers their girlfriends.
For married men, this is the only place they can have sex.

In Japan, once you get married you stop having sex, so they never propose.

Second, sexual disease

Each country has a different common sexual disease. So they say if they accept foreign customers, the risk of STIs would be higher. To protect sex workers, they prohibit foreigners.

Also, they may think that foreigners have sex a lot. So they are more at risk of venereal disease. You guys may think that Japanese people have STIs too.
But we don’t have sex for long enough to pass on a disease.

We Japanese men, love foreplay.  Because we can’t satisfy ladies with our katana – just like real samurai. It’s said that good samurai usually didn’t use katana when they were fighting – they only used it as a last resort at the very end.

Personally, I also like foreplay because I can practice on my own. I use half an avocado – after that it becomes guacamole. Usually I spend one hour on foreplay. My sex takes 1 hour and 30 seconds.

Third, penis size

They are afraid of foreigners’ big dicks. They also think that, unlike Japanese men, foreign men don’t spend long on foreplay, and they want to ‘put it in’ as soon as possible.

So it may make a sex worker’s lady bits bigger. As a result, when they have a sex with Japanese men, it will be oversized.

Same as American McDonald’s sizes, we can’t finish it.

Some foreigners also weren’t allowed to be serviced in some brothels in Japan because their penis was too big for Japanese ladies. See – we’re not racist. We’re just ‘penisist’.

However, if you have a small dick, you can show a dick pic at the entrance . Only foreigners with small penises are allowed to enter – heh, enter.

Those are the reasons we don’t accept foreigners. Our closed-door sexual establishments are just open for Japanese people.  But recently immigrants and tourist numbers have increased and young Japanese men are not interested in these kinds of services.

So finally some places have opened targeting foreigners.

Now, the Japanese sex industry is trying to hire prostitutes who can speak English, and they started offering English lessons for their prostitutes. They are preparing to provide services to foreigners.

Some companies gather Japanese women who can speak English and open places aimed only at male foreigners. So we need English teachers to teach sexual English to Japanese sex workers. Teachers may teach English through roleplaying.

Just 2 skills are required: English and a small penis. Only Asian people and white American people will have a chance to get that job.

Recently expensive soaplands are eager to receive foreign, rich, male customers. They try to provide Japanese real Omotenashi.

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